CVT Membership

Credentialed Veterinary Technicians: the first year fee is $50.00. Annual renewal fees will be $35/year. Renewal for Credentialed Veterinary Technicians will require the successful completion of 12 hours of CE credit per year.  Please see the CE guidelines for renewal. 

Credentialed Members in this category shall be Veterinary Technicians who pass the VTNE, with a score of 425 or higher, and also fulfill one of the following criteria: 

 a. Be a graduate of a veterinary technician program accredited by the AVMA and recognized by the CTVTA Board of Directors. 

 b. Hold a degree from a program in Veterinary Technology which is not accredited by the AVMA or a Bachelor’s degree in animal or biological sciences and one year full time (minimum of 1500 hours) practical experience as a veterinary technician. 

 c. Hold an associate degree in animal or biological sciences and 3 years full time (minimum of 4500 hours) practical experience as a Veterinary Technician. 

 d. Be employed 4 years full time (minimum of 6000 hours) as a Veterinary Technician plus 18 semester hours (college credits) in animal or biological sciences. 

 e. Be employed 5 years full time (minimum of 7500 hours) as a Veterinary Technician. 

g. Individuals who are currently registered, certified or licensed as a Veterinary Technician another state, providing criteria for such status meets or exceeds the criteria of the CTVTA. 

The CTVTA sponsors 4 CE dinner meetings per year.  Your membership would include admission to these meetings at no cost.  CTVTA members are also offered discounted rates to some events that are sponsored by other organizations.   (There will be no dinner meetings until further notice - all CE will be online)

STUDENTS PLEASE NOTE:  Once you have graduated & passed the VTNE you will be able to update your membership to a CVT.  To process this change you will need to email us directly.  Unfortunately this cannot be done through your personal profile on our website.  Upon receipt of your email you will receive an invoice for the $50 CVT membership dues.  Then you will be able to log into your profile to complete the CVT form & submit your documentation.


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